Laser Facials

**Individual results may vary


Laser Facials Las VegasWith laser facial skin treatment, you can now treat acne, sun spots, pigmented lesions and overall skin texture-giving you a more revitalized appearance than you’ve had in years.

Living in Las Vegas, you’ve likely  spent more than your fair share of time in the unforgiving sun with little or no protection. And, if you’re over thirty, you are more than likely to have signs of premature aging from sun damage.

Typically found on the face, shoulders and other exposed parts of the body, benign pigmented lesions include everything from bluish/purplish, black or otherwise discolored spots to freckles and sun-damaged skin areas. If you have any such benign conditions, chances are you’re a candidate for treatment.

Laser treatment can remove the imperfections caused by a wide variety of benign pigmented lesions. Take this opportunity to discover the positive effects laser therapy can have on your physical appearance… as well as on your state of mind, feel Flawless…

Selective absorption of laser light pulses by melanin-containing skin cells causes the targeted cells to scatter and degenerate while significantly decreasing potential damage to surrounding tissues. The dead cells are then removed from the skin by the body’s immune or lymphatic system.

** With Dr. Vajtai’s artistic hand, treatments are gentle and mild, causing only slight discomfort with minimal side effects, or downtime.

** The number of required treatments is dependent on such factors as lesion depth and size; however, most people with dermal lesions need 3-6 treatments and begin seeing results after only 1-2 sessions.

** Although treatment sessions are scheduled approximately 4-6 weeks apart, no rest or recuperation time is required after each visit. You will immediately be able to resume normal activities without restriction.

** Dr. Vajtai may recommend the revolutionary  Dot CO2 therapy. What sets it apart from traditional resurfacing methods is its unique ability to treat specific areas within a target zone, as opposed to the entire face. The FDA approved DOT Therapy™ method results in faster healing, with little to no downtime. This treatment uses a new technology that splits the laser beam into fine micro beams, resulting in the dramatic elimination of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, Rosacea, redness and sun damage.