Cellulaze™ for Cellulite

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cellulaze by cynosureFinally a way to reduce unsightly Cellulite!
Cellulaze Cellulite Laser – a breakthrough innovation, approved by the FDA.

Cellulaze Las Vegas TreatmentDr. Vajtai at Veinity Spa health, beauty and wellness center offers the Cellulaze™ treatment in Las Vegas to dramatically improve the appearance, even diminish your cellulite.  Cellulaze™, the most advanced and effective treatment in the fight against cellulite. Traditional treatments such as creams, lotions, pills, diets, endermologie, and exercise may temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, but these treatments cannot reduce cellulite in the long term because they do not address the structural features of how cellulite is formed. Topical, oral, and physical treatments are unable to affect the three key components that cause fat pockets to dimple the skin’s surface: connective tissue, pockets of fat, and thin skin.

Cellulite affects women in overwhelming proportion due to their different skin structure. Connective tissue bands harden and contract with age, and together with increasing fat deposits give the characteristic look of bumps and dips. These fat pockets form the bumps,  and the dimples are created by the anchoring effect of the connective tissue bands known as cellulite. Because cellulite is caused by more than just skin texture and fat, the treatment to reduce cellulite must affect all of the factors which cause cellulite. In order to properly treat cellulite, Cellulaze™ addresses all of these key causes. Unlike traditional treatments which could only ever attempt to treat the fat and skin components of cellulite.

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The Procedure

** Cellulaze™ not only liquefies the fat causing cellulite,  it also releases the fibrous connective tissue that holds fat in its pockets and stimulates collagen to make skin tighter, thicker, and smoother. The procedure takes approximately 1 to 3 hours depending on the size of the treatment area. It is performed in local anesthesia, the  patients remain awake, or occassionally under mild sedation throughout the entire procedure. Once the treatment area is numb, strategically placed small incisions will give the Cellulaze™ cannula access to the fat layer.

** The Cellulaze™ cannula uses a Sidelight T 3D Cellulaze™ laser that with manual direction performs three functions: it liquefies fat, breaks the stiffened connective tissue bands which keep the fat in its pockets, and  stimulate collagen production. Releasing stiff connective tissue and liquefying pockets of fat changing the skin attachment structure. The result is immediately visible, however the final result, the smooth, plump skin appear in 2 to 4 months.

** Cellulaze™ treats the causes of cellulite directly, unlike traditional topical treatments, which are only able to treat the surface. A single treatment of Cellulaze™ could significantly improve the appearance of your cellulite.. Patients may experience some bruising and swelling following the procedure. Dr. Vajtai will discuss post-operative care with patients during their consultation. Patients should avoid strenuous activity for at least one or two weeks after their treatment, and can usually resume daily activities one to two days after the procedure. Contact Dr. Vajtai at Veinity Spa Health, Beauty and Wellness Center to find out if you are a candidate for Cellulaze™ in Las Vegas and receive the smoother, more appealing skin you desire.

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How do I get started with Cellulaze?

Dr. Vajtai and his staff are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have about Cellulaze™. Your initial consultation will include a physical evaluation and a conversation with Dr. Vajtai to determine if Cellulaze™ is right for you. He will review your medical history, including prior procedures, as well as past and present medical conditions and any medications you are taking. He will discuss your cosmetic goals, desired outcomes and examine the areas of cellulite you hope to improve. You will receive a thorough description of the Cellulaze™ procedure, and Dr. Vajtai will explain any steps you may need to take before or after treatment to maximize your results.

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